What is your favorite way to get soaked?
In the shower, because no matter what you do in there, you always come out clean. Kill two birds with one stone, feel me?

If I say yes, will I have a chance to…in the shower?
I don't think the one who wipes me down would be having that [laughs].

Since we're in a wet mood, sex on the beach: underrated or so '80s?
Uh…a little overrated. The cold water, sea moss and sand in your ass isn't my idea of pleasure [laughs].

Meaning threesomes aren't an option?
I can get jealous, and if I felt I was being neglected, the threesome would turn into a boxing match.

Then how are you experimental sexually?
I like trying new places, new positions, things like that. None of that boring shit—I can't stand boring guys.

New positions, huh? Ever tried the Huckle Buckle?
Nope. Never heard of it, but it sounds crazy [laughs].

It sure is! You're bent over, legs spread, arms between them. The dude, who is already behind you, grabs your arms from between your legs and…well, you can figure out the rest.
[Laughs] That's too funny!

Laugh all you want, Chuckles, but you know you're going to try it after this interview is over.
Yeah…you might be right.