You revealed your habit of knocking out girls in your Gucci heels in your last KING interview. Will we see your uppercut in action on Candy Girls?
No, I've matured a lot since then. I've been a good girl.

That's no way to sell a show. Viewers are expecting a one-weave-pulled-out- per-episode minimum.
I think that everybody is going to watch every episode with their jaws dropped. It's like, 'Oh my god, did she really just say that?'

Still, you're telling me fights never break out in a roomful of models?
[The Candy Girls] were all friends before the show and we all get along. I mean we're like sisters. We're not competitive with each other at all.

A group of beautiful females who aren't competitive with each other? Why don't I believe you?
We're not at all, because we all look so different. If I go on an audition, I'm not competing with them for the job—I'm competing with myself to bring my A-game for that director.

There must be someone in the industry that goes after the same spots as you. Who are you elbowing out of the way in the casting office?
Well, I've never met anyone who looks even close to Brooke Bailey. I'm so yummy.

Sadly, neither have I. How would you describe your look?
I'm a very voluptuous woman. I have a lot of sex appeal, I'm charming and when they want some yummy on set they call me.

Staring at yourself in the mirror aside, what's the best part about being Brooke Bailey?
It's the perks— the red carpet, the private jets. I party with people that other people only see on television.

Feel free to make our readers jealous.
One of the craziest things that every happened was I got cast to do a party for a billionaire in the Bahamas. Me and 15 other girls flew out on his private jet for four days on his private island.

Damn and I thought Halle Berry's personal masseuse had the best job in the world.
I got paid to do that. A lot of people have to work a whole month to make what I could make in two hours hosting a party.

Sounds like Brooke Bailey is recession-proof. Is there a downside to your gig?
Maintaining a relationship is very difficult. Your significant other has to see the love of his life rubbing some other man in a video or in a two-piece bikini in a magazine. It's hard to make sure your significant other is really secure and understands that it's just a job.

So what does your man get in exchange for having to watch you dry hump Jim Jones on 106 & Park?
I'm more than just a voluptuous body and a pretty smile. I'm the flyest bitch in the industry, but I'm a real down-to-earth chick. I love what I do and I think that it shows.--Ryan Murphy

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