You rep South Central. Should I assume that you carry Vaseline in your purse at all times?
I mean, I will. Me and Gloria Velez done threw down in Pittsburgh, and Sonae Ryder and me fought these girls at Baron Davis' party in San Francisco…

You need Charm School.
This girl was hating on Gloria and threw champagne in her face. I turned around to see Gloria one-two her. I went over and the girl's friend came and was gonna jump in, so I jumped her. I just lifted my dress up over my thighs, in my Gucci heels, swung my hair to one side, grabbed her by the top of her head, threw her to the ground and beat the shit out of her.

That's attractive…
I feel like, if we roll together and one of us is fighting, we're all fighting. Whether you're right or wrong, we're riding together. We might be model chicks, but we're not punks. We look cute and our scars heal.

Are you an equal-opportunity ass kicker?
Hell yeah, I'll crack a dude over the head with a bottle real quick.

We suggest you find an activity—a team sport, perhaps—to release your aggression.
I am not violent, and not all of the fights I've been in have been my own, but I'm gonna ride with my girls.

Speaking of riding, how tall does a guy have to be to ride your amusement park?
Oh God, there is nothing I can tell you. Guys have to really figure that out themselves. If we have chemistry, then it'll be great. If we don't, we don't, but really I'm too busy to be thinking about sex.

When was the last time you had some?
A month and a half ago. But I'm serious, I'm too busy.

Is it by choice or circumstance?
Circumstance. I got a lot of friends in different cities who want to date me, but you gotta make it worth it.

Getting to know you sounds hazardous. What's the payoff?
It's more to it than sex with me. I'm at the point in my life where if you're not trying to get to know me, the real me, you're wack.

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