So, Russsell Simmons and Dr. Ben Chavis are all of a sudden advocating the censorship of every black person's three favorite words outside of Jesus: Bitches, niggas, and hoes. Indeed, this is an admirable mission and my hat goes off to the men for their efforts, despite all the grandstanding the two men did by calling in hip-hop "power players". I mean, gosh damn, how many people does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Anyway, let's get down to the nitty gritty because amidst this so-called "solution" there is a bigger fucking problem that I'm sure even Stevie Wonder can see with his eyes closed.

If there is such a thing as hip-hop contributing to the degradation of our people, and this problem has been in existence for x amount of years, then why don't we just start outlawing all the negativity that runs rampant in our music. Outside of calling our women bitches and hoes, the single biggest sumamabitch hip-hop has contributed to is black on black crime. Where was the concern of Russell, Oprah, and Dr. Chavis when N.W.A came out and started talking all that drive-by shit? Shit, last year alone saw the rise of cocaine rap and I don't think anyone gave a fuck about all that talk outside of the white apologists posing as critics and calling the shit Shakesperian. Let me tell you this, the only people who think talk of cocaine and slinging rocks is poetry are the people who have never ever seen a hot pot of joy and a spoon.

As far as I'm concerned, the actions of Russell Simmons and Dr. Chavis has further convinced me that we are living in a pussified society. It's not to say real men call women bitches and hoes. I'll admit, that's some nigga shit. But we care more about keeping our women away from hurt feelings, than keeping our men away from stray bullets. And black woman expect us to believe that they love us? They claim one of the reasons why they care so much about misogyny is because it hurts to see their brothers treating them like this and they just want us to love them the way they love us. I call BULLSHIT! Black women no longer care about black men but they do care about the black team members of a female college basketball team.

So I say to all my black men out there: Be your brother's keeper because sisters don't have your back. They're still mad that you called them a bitch or a ho.