Cardi B is responding to revived cheating rumors concerning her husband Offset.

On Monday (Jan. 11), Cardi B hopped on Twitter in response to well-known social media figure Celina Powell reigniting false pregnancy rumors between herself and the Migos rapper via TikTok on Sunday (Jan. 10).

Celina first kickstarted the claims back in 2017. Cardi B has denied that Offset forced Celina to get an abortion after the two supposedly slept together, which is what Celina claims in her new social media video.

In response to a Twitter user seemingly questioning why Cardi chose to stay with Offset following Celina's allegations, Bardi shared images of articles dated from 2018, showing proof of Celina's dishonesty related to Offset in prior years. The articles' headlines note that Celina has admitted to lying about being pregnant with Offset's baby.

".@iamcardib so you let your nigga nut in other women... and you still took him back? Chile i just hope you and community dick got tested no shade," the person tweeted to Cardi B.

In the response tweet the "Wap" rapper posted featuring the old articles, Cardi responded, "You must be new on social media let me take you way back ."

On Sunday (Jan. 10), Celina posted a 10-second TikTok clip, which opens with her sitting in her bedroom. The writing on the short video reads, "All the celebs that made me get an ab*rtion." The clip, which features Megan Thee Stallion's voice from "Wap" as well as a voice that sounds like Nicki Minaj, is captioned, "Comment which one I should’ve kept."

Offset is the first rapper to appear on the screen alongside images of Eminem and Gucci Mane. Powell also exposes other well-known faces in music and social media like Jason Derulo.

Yesterday (Jan. 11), Celina shared another TikTok video showing off a supposed cease and desist letter to her from Offset's legal team. It's unclear if the letter is legit considering Celina has a history of forging and faking documents like sonograms. In the TikTok video, the paperwork, which is blacked out in some parts, appears to include information that she was willing to terminate the alleged pregnancy if Offset paid her $50,000. This video ironically contains music from Gucci Mane's "I Get the Bag" featuring the Migos. "When offset paid me $50k to abort it," Celina wrote on the video.

Celina's recent abortion accusations against Offset started in 2017, when Cardi B and Offset began dating. In 2019, Celina released a video via YouTube explaining why she lied about being pregnant with Offset's child. Ultimately, Celina claims she lied to make her ex-boyfriend jealous after seeing him with another woman. Celina said she borrowed a friend's ultrasound to try and deceive her ex, but after he appeared to be unfazed, she told the world she was having a baby with Offset.

After seeing Cardi B's Twitter post addressing the past allegations, Celina Powell tried to troll the rapper by writing, "I miss you," to Cardi on Twitter.

Celina then continued to post about the incident on social media writing, "First drake and now cardi b lmao I’m having a great day they both hate me . I love them both tho." 

In one final comment, Celina Powell spoke on "getting dragged" on the internet for past direct messages that leaked between herself and Drake. Also the Offset conversation she restarted on TikTok. "I’m getting dragged for shit that happened 2 years ago.. both drake and cardi b happened two years ago... thank God he’s giving me something to laugh at instead of being sad today," she wrote on Twitter before ending the post with a white heart emoji.

Since her rise to fame, Celina Powell's name has frequently been tied to sex scandals. A large portion of her celebrity has come from her association with rappers and folks in the entertainment industry that she routinely exposes after having sexual relations with them. She's also become known for falsifying documents in order to obtain "clout."

Check out the video from 2019 of Celina Powell admitting to lying about Offset impregnating her below.

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