AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 5'4"
ETHNICITY: African American
HOMETOWN: Philadelphia


It's interesting, after the "Best I Ever Had" video aired, how you didn't get the same amount of exposure as Rosa Acosta and Shakur Sozahdah. You were a standout.

Yeah, it's crazy, right?

Do you feel you were overlooked?

I don't know, I guess it's the industry standard. Now the more exotic, mixed girls are what's in. I wasn't originally cast, but I think politics decided that they needed a brown face.

How did you end up being the only "brown face" in the video?

Originally there were no brown faces in that video, at all. All of a sudden, I get a phone call the morning of the shoot telling me I needed to be on-set. It was shot in Brooklyn, and I had to leave Philly in a hurry.

Did you know the concept of the video was an unofficial tribute to Russ Meyer?

[Laughs] I had no clue. I didn't even know who the artist was. When I got there, I could look around and tell, though. All the girls there were drop-dead gorgeous, but the common denominator was definitely double-Ds. Even the makeup artists and stylists had boobs. There was a lot going on on that set.

Sounds like what heaven is like.

I watched the video one day with my mom, and seeing me running with my boobs jiggling was the funniest thing ever.

That's awkward.

[Laughs] It just came on. She busted out laughing because she has big boobs too.

Heredity wins. Are your mammaries the first thing that stands out when you power-walk the streets?

Well, my proportions are pretty.

Ridiculous? Insane? Make you want to get on your knees and thank God you're a man? Any of these would be appropriate.

Yeah, so I can't just say my boobs. My proportions are like, "Hello, how are you doing? We're here, we have arrived."

Yes, they have. Nevertheless, after the release of the video, pictures surfaced on the blogosphere of you and the guy whom you didn't even know when you rushed from Philly to New York to be in his video. His name is Drake, by the way. 

Oh, no, not the tabloids [laughs].

What's the extent of your relationship?

You mean me and Aubrey?

On a real-name basis, are we? Guess that answers the question.

[Laughs] Oh, my goodness. Well, we had a relationship. We still have a great friendship. Our schedules are crazy, and to even attempt it is impossible.

You had to have made it possible if you actually had a relationship.

It's because we had a lot of time on our hands at that point. He was dealing with his torn ACL, and I was tending to that. I was being a little nurse.

A buxom nurse tending to a patient? Yeah, that scenario hasn't been scripted in a porno before.

No, not that kind of nurse.

It was worth a shot. Did sparks fly on that set?

Yeah, but it was more of a cool vibe.

Cool. If your schedules lighten up, can you see you two back together

Right now, probably not. We're good how we are; I don't think I would change it. I'm focused right now, and he's focused right now, and it's one of those things. We're in a good space. We're like besties. We still talk and see each other, just not as much.

"Talk," huh? Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?

[Laughs] How did we get on this topic again?

Don't blame the interviewer; blame the blogs.

Those damn tabloids, man. I swear. I'm not really a fan.

Why? Is it because they'll paint you as a scheming video girl a la Superhead?

Of course they're going to say that. You can't get mad at the media for thinking all video girls are like that, so I wouldn't dare get mad. [But] we're not all like that. If you choose to think so, then more power to you. You have to understand: I'm a 34DD and have a big ol' butt, so when they see me, automatically they're thinking one thing.

That you should see a chiropractor sooner rather than later?

That too, but, I mean, people stereotype and assume things, and it's not necessarily true.

Moving on, it's safe to say you're avoiding the relationship bug, right

I couldn't even pretend to have a relationship right now. I'm married to the biz, man [laughs].

What's the next step in this marriage?

Acting is where I really want to take it. It's a passion of mine, and I've been taking my acting classes. I take this serious.

Prove it.

I was in a theater company, and theater is a little bit different from TV and film; actually, it's a lot different, but it all ties together. I took a drama class over a few summers. I won't bore you to death with it, but it was drama. It made it easier for me, once I got to this point, to just go all in, 'cause acting is a scary thing. To just let go and say I'm going to be this character is kind of hard. It prepared me a bit.

The way you describe that shows you get more of a rush acting than you do modeling.

Acting is all adrenaline; you go out there and just go for it.

What roles do you see yourself playing?

I want to play everything; I want to play the crack head, the wife with six kids. I want to play the villain, like Angelina Jolie in Wanted. I want to sprain my ankle in Monaco doing my own stunts. I think it would be amazing.