She Is

Laeann Amos
What do you get when you mix a bathtub with a busty Jacksonville beauty, who is ready to be America’s next television personality? We don’t exactly know, but it was fun watching the fun unfold.
Brooke Bailey and Vanessa Veasley
As hosts of the online radio show “The Candy Shop,” these two sexpots do more than just work together. Watching TV in bed, always seeing one another naked and brawling in parking lots only add to their bond. So why not have them shower together?
Candice Johnson
Authenticity is the name of the game for the brickhouse makeup artist/model, who is more than determined to prove that real curves prosper in this world.
Jenny Costa
Straight from the pages of the latest The Women of KING Magazine, on sale August 2nd, we introduce to you Jenny Costa.
Eva La Dare
“I have this costume that actually allows me to light my nipples on fire.”

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