There's something to be said about an artist willing to give free music with no receipt or hint of solicited gain. It's a gesture that is generous as it is financially ruinous. But, who cares when money can't even buy an album this good. Chamillionaire is the benefactor and beggar hemming up a large estate of "international money" and funds on Mixtape Messiah 2 to build a safe and a platform with one foot intent on crossing over and the other stomping on hip hop's problem: hip hop. Borrowed beats and intelligible skits, Cham is hip-hop's smartest salesman telling Hip-Hop to own itself on "Hip Hop Warning". The smell of success is not only sweet, but tangible, over a lazy synth and a groovy surface, he lets us know, "when I let the top down, they gon' feel the breeze" on "Game Gonna Cost a Fee". The best way to reward free music is to pay a few dozen listens. Trust us, you can afford it, it's, err, priceless. - Rodney Dugue

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"Game Gonna Cost A Fee"

"Hip Hop Warning"