For many brothers, talking to a woman can be one of the most difficult experiences in their life. That is where Tariq Nasheed steps in. Nasheed is a dating coach and game advisor with the ability to school brothers worldwide in the strategy of being a player. He has penned several books, including The Art Of Mackin, which gives key rules that men should follow when dealing with the opposite sex. Tariq also has a series of radio podcasts called The Mack Lessons Radio Show, which covers topics like dating, relationships and social issues. For the guys who are shooting duds on the dating field, grab a pen and pad—the Game Advisor has arrived.

1. Exercise your "mack muscle"

"Your mack muscle is your mouthpiece. A lot of guys have a problem spittin' proper game to women because they let their mouthpiece get rusty. Your mouthpiece is like any other muscle in your body—if you don't exercise it, it will get weak. So the way to strengthen your game is to go out and socialize with as many people possible. Make it a point to speak to everyone from co-workers to people at the bus stop. Practice socializing so when you come across a fly female your mouthpiece will be ready.”

2. Take your game on the road

"A true player has to travel and experience different females from different cultures. This will really keep your game tight. Staying in the same hood, dealing with the same types of females year in and year out will really downgrade your game.”

3. Have zero tolerance for disrespect

"It's in a woman's nature to test a man. This has been going on since the beginning of time. The story of Adam and Eve is about woman testing a man and the repercussions of man not checking woman. When a woman tests a man and he doesn't check her on it, the woman will start disrespecting him. As a player, you have to have zero tolerance for any form of disrespect. You have to establish early on in the relationship that you are not the one to be tested.”

4. Step your gear up

"These days, a lot of men are dressing extra casual. That's cool to a certain extent, but if you want to be a true player, you should get suited up at least one day a week. You don't have to throw on a tux, but you should put on some "choosin' clothes" once a week and go out and conduct everyday business. You will notice the level of respect you will receive. You will also notice the quality of women that will step to you.”

5. Be a leader

"A true player is a boss. And a true boss is a man who is worthy of being followed. Always have integrity when you deal with females. Respect is always better than acceptance. Anyone can be accepted, but a true boss will be respected.”—As told to La'Juanda Knight