There's something about Lauren London on screen and in person. From playing the fitted-cap-wearing cutie of Pharrell's eye in the "Frontin'" video, to New New (a character every man in the hood either dated or tried to date) in last year's ATL, London tropes the line between dream girl and around-the-way girl. So London's next role does not come as a surprise. This Sunday on HBO's Entourage, London plays Kelly, a fresh-faced tomgirl who decides to give Turtle - arguably the show's least desirable cast member outside of Lloyd - a chance to show her what he's got.

And just like the characters she plays, off screen, the 22-year-old Los Angeles native can make the common man feel like 1 in a million ain't bad odds. As London says, in her exclusive interview with, she has charm too. So if the pictures in this month's issue of KING Magazine weren't enough, read on, and find out why even guys like Turtle might have a shot.

This Sunday, your character gets involved with Entourage's least likely to get a girlfriend, Turtle. What the...?
I think he was persistent, he was just persistent. He has charm and charisma. He's the cooler one out of them. He's into hip-hop. He's into clothes. He has his own little swag.

And let me guess, your character is high when she gets asked out.
I play a young [woman named Kelly] working at my father's shop and the character Turtle comes into the shop, sees me, we have a slight attraction towards each other. I'm a sneaker freak, I find out he's into sneakers, so we kind of connect on that level.

Well, you do know what they say about men with big sneakers...but I digress. If you had control of what happens to Kelly, how would things end between you and Turtle.
She would probably just date him and dump him then come back him and dump him, all kinds of stuff. I would give the character more spice. I would have her all over the place just because it's more fun. It's not that fun to play Snow White and the happy good girl. It's more fun to play the witch. You can't be scandalous in real life so at least get your dips in on TV.

Okay, well if this was reality TV would a guy like Turtle ever really get a chance with you?
When someone's charming and charismatic it just reels you in. But I'm smart too, I don't really let people charm me. I'm a charmer too.

It sounds like you're trying to charm me right now by not answering the question. Would a guy like me, I mean, Turtle, ever get a chance with you?
I dated some unattractive men. I mean, I love black men, it's just what I'm attracted to, so Turtle wouldn't be my initial attraction because as a black woman I love my black king. You never know, connection is different. If you just connect with somebody, you can't make any excuses around it.

So pink toes aren't your preference?
Hypothetically, I don't know, because he's cool. I'd probably give him a date.

Sounds like you're coming down with that fever.
I don't care if they're 4'10 or 6'8, short and black, or tall and white, if you just connect with that person, that's just it. You can be shallow all you want, but that ain't going anywhere. Not with me boo.

Keep it up with those nicknames and you just may have an average looking writer taking his shot too. After Entourage is over, where are we going to be able to catch you?
A movie called This Christmas. It's a family Christmas movie, it should be out in November. But it was with an amazing, amazing cast. It's part of the reason I took on the part. It's with Regina King, Chris Brown, Columbus Short, Idris Elba, Mekhi Phifer. It's a really good, black cast. It's six siblings, I play the youngest of the two girls. It's a very respectful role. Very different from New New.

You say that as though it's a good thing.
I'm just trying to find something where I can really really grow as an actress and give the people more. I'm going to be around forever, so you can quote me on that. Be around forever. It's just the beginning.

For more pictures of Lauren London pick up June '07 issue of KING Magazine. On newsstands now!