Any real-life dating disasters since Hell Date aired?

I've never been on a hell date. However, if someone can take me out to a nice place to eat, talk and laugh, that'll be the perfect date for me. KING should set it up and have the readers win a date with me.

Great call. Make your pitch.

Not only will I be your arm candy, I can cook my ass off and the sex is off the chain. Really.

Ever had a one-night stand?

Yeah. There are a lot of women who are up-front with theirs. I'm the same way.

If a guy were up-front with girls the way you are, they'd be offended.

I wouldn't be. I'd respect him more. Don't tell me you want a girlfriend, then we have sex and it's over. Just tell me that you want to have sex, 'cause maybe I just want to also.

You'll have a better chance getting honesty from a lobbyist.

I'm not out there being a ho, but I have friends who I've been "kicking it" with for years. Look at me as just a homie form around the way—you just get more benefits with me.