Honestly, we're surprised it's taken this long. Ever the ruthless celebrity hecklers, KING has a Ph.D. in ego-bruising. Yet for model Claudia Jordan to be the first to launch a counterattack was quite unexpected. Picking part her skimpy wardrobe in our Fifth Anniversary issue, the small-screen veteran took action, blasting us on her MySpace page. The worst part: how many supportive replies came from pussy-footed men. Guess how many actually scored sensitivity-inspired dates. Cue the crickets.

Word has it this'll be your last men's magazine look. Sounds like somebody is reading way too much Marie Claire.
Unless a shoot is gonna be super-hot or or for a cover. It's really not a necessary anymore. I have a million pictures of myself in lingerie or in a bathing suit, and I know I can make it without having to do a sexy shoot ever again. I'm just trying to go to another phase in my career right now.

May we suggest the prestigious pages of Playboy? Just a thought.
I used to be excited about being in KING until people started hitting me and telling me how bad I was getting dogged and how y'all were clowning me.

Oh, boy, here it comes. For the record, we've always considered unwarranted ridicule the sincerest form of flattery.
I don't know why this happened with you guys. Especially with me, of all people. What made it even worse was the fact that it was corny! I would have helped you guys write better jokes if y'all would have let me know y'all were gonna do that to me. I could have given you way better shit to write.

Fair enough. If you're so hilarious, give us your best shots.
Y'all talked about my nail polish—how about the fact that my feet are fucked-up? Y'all talking about my thong being off center—how about I got long-ass arms? Then y'all said the weave was a mess—y'all put that shit in! There's some material for you, so the next time y'all wanna talk shit, y'all can fire whatever dumbass y'all had write the last time, and I'll give you better jokes. I have no problem making fun of myself.
As long as you don't say "y'all” ever again, we'll consider it.—Adell Henderson