This week has been fairly decent musically...but for my listening pleasure, I ended up backtracking to this old Doo-Wop tape & lettin it play the background repeatedly every time I sat down to work @ the cpu or doing various things around the house.

Finding a full tracklisting was a challenge. But the songs & head-noddin tempo created by the Bouncemaster took me back to walkin around campus, Aiwa ear muffs headphones on, hat low, two blunts gone & in the zone.

Duly note...

- The numero uno thing...hearing The Bounce Squad. Snagglepuss, Unique...aww man. This crew of MCs that never really materialized into anything more than the warm-up for the first 5 mins of Doo-Wop tapes but they used to dumb out. They epitomized bars that were punchline after punchline after punchline over the hottest jacked beats of whenever the tape was released.

-The songs & artists featured are a full blast of one hit wonders, milk carton suspects & songs that set the bar. King Jus anyone? Shyhiem...Akinyele...Lady Of Rage? True enough, they're VH1 "Where Are They Now" material. But then, they were actively puttin out good material.

-Hearing Jeru lead off the tape let's you know that this was a different time & place in hip-hop when lyricism was @ it's popularity peak & highly marketable (remember the time?).

-36 Chambers...Wu followed by Doo-Wop shoutin "new Nas!!!" and it be "It Ain't Hard To Tell"...THEN hearing Dogg Pound & Ice Cube tracks...all of this was before the B.I.G. vs. Pac, bi-coastalism took over.

-Instead of LL, I think Heavy D should be the 90's "lover" still makin music. Word up. Peaceful Journey and that blue cassette were solid. In fact, Heav always did it proper with his albums.

-Three words.

Sisters With Voices.


New jack swing + hip-hop swagger+females. Jea!

-Doo-Wop droppin a track by a then wet-behind the ears "Urrsherr" Raymond. I think it put me in the frame of mind to respect that shorty has really put in work to achieve the success & longevity that he has.


Side A.

Side B.

'Nuff said.

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