FACE CARD   Even though he didn't suit up for one game this season, Jay Williams, 25, is still a candidate for Comeback Player of the Year. In December, he was waived by the Austin Toros of the Developmental League, ending (for now) his return from a life-threatening accident. Instead of going overseas, the Duke grad is COO of the Ceruzzi sports agency and applying to law school. Oh, and his jump shot is "still pretty wet.”

My job is going to be [varied]. I'm going to be involved in sports management and be a liaison between athletes and business ventures.

Kevin Durant and Greg Oden are impact guys. Oden can't score 30 points yet, but his ability to block shots and create opportunities is unbelievable. And Kevin Durant? What can you say about a guy who is 6-foot-10, shoots threes and can do the moves he can?

I was in awe of Michael Jordan, but I was also competitive. Mike did this drop step move on me and hit a fade away. He said, "You're never going to be able to block that.” We come back on the other end and I crossed him over and I missed the lay-up… We're running back and he's talking trash, "Too bad you couldn't finish that, little fella.”

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