Who You Callin' A Bitch?

If you plan on going toe-to-toe against Coral Jeanne, the best bet would be to put your sleeper holds to bed and forget about conventional wrestling techniques. Ms. Coral has made it crystal clear that she beats bitches up, plain and simple. In reality, though, many men would love to get physical with this stunning beauty.

When Coral, 25, blessed MTV's The Real World: Back To New York, she became a show favorite. The San Fran-born bombshell with the on-point frame continues to pop up regularly in Real World/Road Rules cast challenges due to her straight-no-chaser chastising. When Coral is part of the cast, catfights are sure to ensue—something she takes pride in. "I'm never known as the hot one or the pretty one. I'm always the bitchy one,” says the Creole-blended vixen. "[But] I'd rather be known as the ‘bitch' than as the ‘hoe.'”

On how her tough persona can turn the hardest man soft:

"”It has caused a lot of problems with guys. It's hard to be a woman with a very strong opinion and still be able to heed to a man's ego. To let him feel like he is making the decisions and all that. That's always been an issue for me. But I don't want anyone that doesn't want me for me,”

Explaining down her "bitchy” reputation:

"I leave people alone until the start fucking with me. Then they line up, get their ticket for a curse-out, and when I give it to them, they wonder what happened.”

On the possibility of a Coral Jeanne sex tape:

"There are no, nor will there ever be, pictures or videotapes of me with any man in the entire world. When you are with me, you just got to remember. Just think back to how it was.”