Your romance with the puppy rapper in Roll Bounce is innocent. But your conjugal visit act with heavyweight 50 Cent in "21 Questions" was deliciously criminal. Have you always been comfortable pressing skin onscreen?
People saw me taking control of 50 [in "21 Questions"]. I was getting sexual with somebody older and bigger, and that showed studios that I could take charge. I wasn't just some young anonymous actress anymore.

"Meagan Good, starring as Aaliyah,” would have Fandango going nuts. That look would definitely bring superstar status, which means even more tabloid types on your ass.
There have already been times when I had problems with the rumors, like when I was linked to Joe Budden. Joe is a friend of mine, and when I was in New York shooting The Cookout, Joe took my cousin and I out a few times—he actually had a crush on my cousin. People saw us out, though, and since we were the two familiar faces, they put us together. Just recently, I also heard this rumor that Wendy Williams started, saying I'm engaged to a Brick cast member, and that Jessica Alba is my bridesmaid [laughs]. I don't know how people come up with these things.

So not having to act all Hollywood around your man turns you on?
I really appreciate it when I can be myself and the guy finds it sexy. I remember how dope it was in Selena when Jennifer Lopez was just chowing down on the pizza in front of her man. I don't know why, but that scene struck a chord with me. Before that, I always picked my food like a bird in front of guys. Now, I'm all about eating cheeseburgers on dates. If you have a problem with cheeseburgers, keep it moving.