If she ruled the world, kelis would have a nameplate on the oval office door and be willing to cook up some grub for those extra-long senate meetings. imagine thatIn terms of pants-wearing in the Jones household, our money is on Kelis. All respect due to Nasir, but a woman as empowered as the "Milkshake” madam definitely doesn't take domestic orders. From her 1999 guy-bash breakthrough "Caught Out There” to her new ladies' anthem "Bossy” (also the title of her fourth LP, her first on Jive), the former Pharrell protegée has made feminism an aphrodisiac. Simply put, Kelis possesses enough girl-power—not to mention fantasy-fodder—to make any man kiss her stilettos. Before you brand God's Son whipped, though, slow down; his hypnotizing spouse is just as down to prepare home-cooked meals as attend a Million Woman March. Such self-assurance has inspired KING to unanimously crown Kelis hip-hop's hottest housewife. Save the desperate ones for those frat-boy mags.

You once said there's a fine line between slutty and smart. Me, I think they're like chicken and waffles: a great mix if you know how to hook it up.
There's a fine line I don't cross between being trampy and trashy. It's about finding that line and exploiting that. I use everything, not just my body but my mind, too. I'm smart about it, and that's what makes it important. Men, especially in the music industry, use their strengths to the max and no one turns their nose up at them.

And it's a fine line between feminist and man-hater.
My husband always tells me I'm a feminist. That word usually has a negative connotation to it. When people think of what a strong woman is, it's like some crazy, hardened man-hater, a carpet-muncher. Yet as soon as a woman puts on a tight bathing suit
and shows her round ass or cleavage, all of a sudden she's caving in to society. I think that's ridiculous. I'm 26 years old. I look fabulous. I'm a bad chick. I thank God for that.

So can you still be a feminist and on the cover of KING?
I'm very clear about how I want to be on the cover of KING. KING is a men's magazine, and men buy albums, and I love men. Women are supposed to be women and men
are supposed to be men. In a business meeting,I walk in there with my best gear and jewels, my hair's done, I've got lipstick, I'm batting my eyelashes. I look fabulous.