Modeling is like the rap game. Sometimes it's better to go independent. Cynthia Masasi found out for herself after being signed to a well-known New York City modeling agency. But four years later, the agency let the chocolate skinned native Tanzanian go. Her crime? Cynthia couldn't lose the mere two inches she had gained on her waist. But since then, the Nubian beauty has carved her own elite niche. With appearances in Juvenile's "Rodeo” and Yung Joc's "”I Know You See It”, along with the debut of her 2007 wall calendar, Cynthia's popularity in the states is set to match her international status. "I'm the most popular model in Tanzania,” she says. U.S, wake up!

Height: 5"10


Measurements: 36C-24-37

Relationship Status: Single! (The only man I'm committed to right now is God and my career)
Favorite Sport: Basketball (I used to play)

Favorite Movie: Scarface, my brother used to watch this movie everyday.

Favorite Artist: Lionel Richie, Marvin Gaye, Elton John, Tupac, and Jay-Z

Favorite Food: Italian, Indian, and African food. I love spicy food

Astrological Sign: Leo.

Favorite body part: My smile, because a lot of people tell me I have a nice smile and straight teeth.

McDonald's or Burger King:
McDonald's because of their vanilla cone

Morning person or night owl: Night person

Sleep or sex: Sleep
Tell us a funny joke: I've been on my grind so hard and for so long with this model game [that] I ain't made it to Hollywood yet!!

The person you would most like to meet is… Chris Tucker (I think he's really funny)

What's your specialty in the kitchen: I can cook African and Jamaican food, a little Italian food and spicy Indian food, and I am learning to cook American food.

Men must have [blank] if they want to get with me: They don't have to be rich, but at the same time I don't need no scrub. I mean the man who doesn't know where he'll get his next meal. They need to be confident, have a sense of humor, clean, and not to gangsta. Also, I like men who have a 5-year goal plan (what they want to be in 5 years from now).

Have you ever had a one-night stand, yes or no:
Hell no!

Have you ever told a lie:
Yes, to a police officer, but I had a very, very good reason behind that.

If you ruled the world, you would...
have it filled with peace.

Doing *blank* will get you cut: Disrespect me or call me the following: a bitch, slut, or ho. I'll go crazy!

Lights on or lights off: I prefer lights on

The biggest misconception about you is: People take advantage of me because I am a very nice person, but at the same time, I can change very easily. Also, people think because I am not from here, I am not hip-hop, but I am GANGSTA. I love people

In one word (that's not "fun"), describe your personality: Outgoing, very charming, easy to get along with, intelligent, and very independent

Tell us something your parents don't know about you: I am very close to my mother and she knows everything about me.

Preferred type of underwear:
Victoria's Secret, of course, but I really don't like to wear underwear, especially summertime.