Wanita "D. Woods" Woodgette could've dismantled a boy band worse than Lou Pearlman. The Snickers bar of Danity Kane lived - lingerie, loofahs and all - under the same roof as Making the Band's third-season victors, six panty-chasing male crooners. "It was a little bit of 'battle of the sexes' coming in," says the 24-year-old Atlantan. "I think they took their picks of who they thought they were gonna be getting with, and it didn't go down like that."

Sucks for them. D. Woods supplies Danity Kane's strongest dose of eye-popping allure, packing more bodily impact than an NFL highlight reel. Like her DK comrades, however, the singer-dancer is also amply talented, ready to pursue acting and even play Sean Combs to her own proteges, the Girls Club. But more important, she has an inner stripper just waiting to shimmy out (see her May 2007 KING interview for more proof). Damn right, you should tip her.

Before your first KING appearance, we're betting your supporters were mainly teeny-bopping females. Did we inspire new levels of fan appreciation?
I tappped into a whole new fan base. I was surprised, because I thought my mother would be kind of upset, but she has [the issue] on the coffee table so that whenever her friends would come over, they'd look at it. Then it was a whole lot of dudes that I knew who were like, "Dang, I didn't know you had it like that! Why didn't you turn around and show the booty, though?"

Filthy animals! For round two, did you teach your bandmates how to be real showstoppers for our cameras?
I did. I felt like I was bringing them to my circle of friends. I felt very at ease. Sometimes, going into shoots, you never know who the photographer is gonna zero in on. You might be the one off on the side, and many times, I am. I didn't want them to feel like that, but I knew I was gonna get what I needed out of this shoot.

How'd the girls respond to your original KING shoot?
With a lot of those questions they heard me dealing with in other interviews about my body type, and with them knowing that I do get the short end of the stick a lot of times in photo shoots, they were happy that I had a place where I could be appreciated.

Definitely. We only want the skinny when reading newspaper. This time around though, it's time to show skin and prove.
I had to step it up. I couldn't come and do the same thing twice. That'd be boring. I wanted to keep it classy, too, because a lot of the good responses from last time came because of the way I carried myself in the shoot. But we did a little bit more tease-and-denial this time.

**Click here to check out the behind-the-scenes video of D. Woods' first shoot with KING**