Ever since music moved from physical copies to primarily digital downloads, Drake has ruled the charts as one of the most-streamed artists of the last decade. But now, it turns out a new sheriff is in town, and he goes by the name of DaBaby.

As of Thursday (May 20), DaBaby is the rapper with the most monthly streams on Spotify, surpassing Drake. According to the streaming service's reported monthly listeners, DaBaby has accumulated 54,935,540 monthly listeners while Drake is raking in 52,591,008 streams per month. That means Baby is collecting 2,344,532 more streams than the 6 God every 30 days or so.

It's unclear, however, when Baby's streaming numbers actually exceeded Drizzy's.

The new feat makes the 29-year-old rapper the sixth most streamed artist on Spotify, falling behind musical acts like Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande and Bruno Mars. Drake is the ninth most-streamed person on the platform and the second rapper with the most significant following. Other rappers gracing the top 20 in monthly streams on Spotify include Travis Scott, Post Malone and Lil Nas X, who appears on the lower half of the list.

Five months into 2021, Drake has only released three singles, which appear on his March 5 Scary Hours 2 drop: "What's Next," "Lemon Pepper Freestyle" featuring Rick Ross and "Wants and Needs" with Lil Baby. DaBaby, on the other hand, has been coasting off his 2020 projects Blame It on Baby and My Brother's Keeper (Long Live G). His most recent single, "Masterpiece," and his feature on the track "Levitating" by A-list pop star Dua Lipa are also big releases pushing the rhymer to the No. 6 slot on the list.

Camila Cabello's single "My Oh My" featuring the 2019 XXL Freshman may have come out in 2019, but the song's 450 million-plus streams are very likely adding to the high volume of monthly listeners DaBaby has as well.

Congratulations, DaBaby.

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