Worst TV Moment
"I feel like every time they got us waking up was the worst moment. We couldn't even get up and go to the bathroom without the cameras in our face. No time to look good."

Biggest Surprise Since Making The Band
"That Diddy liked me. Going through it, I felt like he hated all of us and didn't enjoy anything we were doing. Then, sitting back and watching it with my family, seeing how highly he thought of me as a singer and a performer was very humbling."

Worst Part About Danity Kane
"The moods. We all have different times when we have our mood swings, so it gets crazy
sometimes, it becomes a fight, and we reel it back in. But I can't stand that."

Favorite Reality Show
"It's between I Love New York, because I can't turn my eyes away from it, and America's Next Top Model, because I love that show. But I Love New York is my favorite. I can't live with out it."

More Bad Boy Trivia: The Notorious B.I.G.'s First Album Is Called...
"Aww, man, I don't know. I didn't even listen to hip-hop until I was in college. I was a rock head."

What Two Bad Boy Artists Were Married?
"Faith and Biggie. Come on, I was into rock music, but I know something"

Name Two Members of Total

"I don't know their names, yo. [But] I know who Total is."

What Was The Name Of The LOX's First Album?
"I don't know that. But that's OK, because I'm on Bad Boy now. I know Bad Boy right now."