You've heard the saying before, right? When in a fit of incoherent jealousy you hear someone spew, "dark-skinned people are making a comeback”—as a response to all the attention their lighter and brighter colleagues are receiving? Well, chocolate beauty Deneen Roman has some choice words for those who rant this hogwash in her presence. "I can't even believe that's relevant today,” the budding actress gasps. "African-American people come in all different shades and all are beautiful.” And this Chocolate City cutie ought to know considering she placed in the top 20 in the American Coed Pageant when she was 17. But don't be fooled, the Pittsburgh-born bombshell isn't afraid to keep it hood. "I am a very laid back and easy going individual who enjoys simple things. But don't ask me to share my salt and vinegar chips with you. We'll have problems.” Say no more.

Age: 24


Weight: 120

Profession: Program Manager

Relationship status: Involved…men always want something that's taken, anyway. It's a challenge [laughs].


Favorite Sport: Volleyball…yeah that's right, volleyball because it's about the only dang sport I can play and understand [laughs].

Favorite Movie: The Sixth Sense

Favorite Artist: Hmmm, that's tough. In terms of music I'd have to say anything from the 70's and 80's. I love old music! That should cover that question.

Favorite Food:
Buffalo wings and Lasagna

Astrological sign? Gemini, and no I'm not crazy ya'll [laughs].

What's your favorite body part and why?
On me, probably my eyes because surprisingly, I get my way by using them, more than I do using any other body part. On a man I LOVE a nice hard chest and a wash board stomach. That's the sexiest part of a man to me! Nothing like rubbing your hands up and down a nice hard chest and killer abs!

McDonald's or Burger King?
Burger King

Morning bird or night owl? Night Owl! I have issues getting up early even if I went to bed at 8pm

Sleep or sex? Sleep. I love sleeping.

Tell us a funny joke:
A 15-year-old girl works at an amusement park as a ticket taker and is very excited about this cool job. It didn't take long before the fun wore off. She begins to hate the job with everyday that passes because of how badly the entering guests treat her. They call her every 4-letter word under the sun because she doesn't allow them to sneak food in the park. Truthfully she doesn't care if they sneak food in, but if her boss sees it, she'll get the ax. She hangs in there because she knows her first check will be off the chain and she'll get season passes if she stays for at least six weeks. After 3 long weeks she gets her first paycheck and lo and behold she gets a whopping 12 flipping dollars! She turns it upside down and checks the envelope to make sure they have the right person…Yep, it's hers. She rips the dang check up, leaves, and never comes back! Bunk the season passes! The funny thing about this joke is that it isn't a joke. This has happened to me for real!

The person I would most like to meet is…

Can you cook? If you can what's your specialty? If not, why? Oh boy…you want the truth or you want a lie? Okay, I'll give you truth. I don't consider myself the best cook, but as long as the instructions are on the box I'm good [laughs]. I know that I could probably do anything if I put my mind to it, but I haven't put my mind to cooking yet.

Men must have this if they want to get with me? Honesty

Ever had a one-night stand? Heck NO!

Have you ever told a lie? Of course, haven't we all?

If I ruled the world, I would… Get rid of the devil so we'd all go to heaven.

Doing [blank] will get you cut… if you ever talk trash on my mother or baby brother!

Lights on or lights off?

The biggest misconception about me is… People think that I think I'm some type of diva before they even speak to me. Once they speak to me they find out how personable I am. I love meeting new people and talking their head off.

In one word, that's not "fun”, describe your personality: Exhilarating.

Tell us something your parents don't know about you…
When I was 17 I used to sneak my boyfriend in while my parents worked the second shift. HA! He used to sneak out at like 5 and 6 am while they were sleep. Sometimes he'd go out the way he came in, but most of the time jumped out the window. I was scared, but it was a thrill knowing I could get caught!

Preferred type of underwear? For me, none

How should a man step to you? He should be respectful and approach me like a gentlemen. He should approach me the way he would want a man to approach his sister or mother.