The coronavirus pandemic has been adversely impacting the world for over four months, but there are still some rappers who don't think the virus is a real thingDesiigner is one of those artists.

In video footage posted on The Shade Room's Instagram page this morning (Aug. 3), the Brooklyn rapper shares his thoughts on the deadly illness, essentially calling it bogus.

"Yo, no funny," the former 2016 XXL Freshman begins. "Corona is fake gone, bro. No funny shit. Enjoy life. No cap. We ain't even on that type of vibe. Corona shit, man. Honestly, that corona shit is BS. You feel me? I ain't get sick yet. I been outside, healthy."

According to the Center for Disease Control, as of Aug. 2, there have been 4.6 million coronavirus cases in the U.S., and over 150,000 deaths. In fact, California in particular has had a major spike in cases with reports saying that the state now has over half a million cases.

However, Desiigner isn't the first rapper to disregard the severity of the respiratory illness and not take it seriously. Back in March, Waka Flocka Flame said that minorities can't contract the virus. "Minorities can't catch it," he claimed during an interview with Real 92.3 L.A. "We straight. Name one."

That same month, Casanova was spotted filming a music video with more than 10 people and was clearly dismissing the advised social distancing measures. He later apologized and acknowledged the health risks he was taking.

From March to now, more information has been disseminated on the coronavirus, its impact and the number of cases have fluctuated nationally. Nonetheless, the virus is still alive and well as some states have regressed and are back to Phase 1, which is essentially the level of stay-at-home orders and delivery/take out dining.

Boosie BadAzz, however, is still unfazed by it all. Last month, he held a massive pool party in Atlanta with no masks or social distancing. In video footage that began circulating via social media, hundreds of people could be seen in the backyard of the mansion party, smoking and drinking. Atlanta is among the states that has seen a surge in coronavirus cases as well.

It's unclear where Desiigner is currently located, but the pandemic is ongoing and end is unforeseeable.

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