If there were a Grammy for positivity in the face of adversity, rapper Chosan would take home the golden gramaphone. Now a Brooklynite, he was born in Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries in the world, then moved to London. In London's hip-hop scene, Chosan began his hustle early: his cousin had landed a major-label deal, and was wasting hours in the studio hanging out. "I said, 'Look: I'll be in your house for two weeks. I'll clean, I'll do dishes, I'll wash your clothes if you give me some studio time.'" he recalls. His cousin agreed, and in the five or so hours he had, Chosan produced a demo.

He delivered it to several Lonodon radio stations, including one running a talent competition, and a month later, Cho heard his song on the radio; he'd won the contest.

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