You weren't shy about having to wear a bedsheet for this shoot. How much nude sleeping do you really do?
I don't like sleeping without clothes on. I wear big shirts and sweatpants, but when it's time to play, I'm whatever you need me to be. I love the bed in all ways [laughs]. You can do it all.

Yeah, those Sertas are great! Can you do it all on a futon, though?
No, king size, 'cause I like big men.

Right. Gym rats such as Flo Rida.
I do love men like that, and it was wonderful working with him. Too bad I wasn't the last girl, in the elevator, when he had his shirt off. He would know what I would've done in there. I better stop [laughs].

Keep going.
I never did anything in an elevator, but plenty can be done. But I am so not into publicizing things I would do.

That's so not helping the fantasy…
I don't have to say what I would do specifically, but I can give you any fantasy you desire.

Good to know. You don't seem to be a sloppy sleeper, based on the shoot.
I was trying to move around, but y'all were keeping me limited. Since I like big men, I have to accommodate. I don't want him hanging off the bed when we're having fun.

Uh, there are about 10-plus positions where you can hang off a bed—30 if you have a bunk bed. I've checked.
[Laughs] I know, but there's more room for him to take control of the situation. See, I can make it happen wherever, but I prefer…

I get the picture.

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