J.B. Smoove
"What's So Funny?"
When it comes to improv, J.B. Smoove ain't no joke. In a reckless comedic spaaring session, we pitted our writer against the Curb Your Enthusiasm rook.

Suit Yourself
From that first unpaid gig to sitting on the board, your suit can make or break a deal. For the triple-X crew, we offer a road map to business attire. Get in gear.

"Through Thick and Thin"
No longer Weezy F.'s baby, our favorite Miami vice returns with a carved-out figure. Check the new measurements.

KING Me: Carmelo Anthony
He's got the girl; he's got the sidekick; and most important, he's got buckets. But what does the Denver Nuggets all-star forward really want.

Danity Kane
"It's All Bad"
Danity Kane is all about variety - short or tall, dark or light, breasts or thights. Serving up their second LP, Diddy's five-pack guarantees some flava for your ear.

Frank Lucas
"I Am So Dope"
With the Denzel Washington-headlined American Gangster, moviegoers witnessed a light account of Frank Lucas' criminal capers. Here, KING challenges Harlem's drug boss on the film's accuracy.

"Under Surveillance"
Tossing nightgown tees for knits that fit, The Wire's Tristan Wilds hits the block proper. Plus: Slim-Fast for plump pockets

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