On the State of Urban Radio: We have a lot of people who aren't trained. People in other fields want to get into radio when other shit isn't working. It's been watered down. The big TV stars and comedians don't realize how difficult it is to be funny and topical every morning. I get up at 4 a.m., work out and research current events -every day.

On His Audience: I hope when things aren't going well, they can turn to me to give them some relief. A guy in Cleveland called in once. He had had an operation and told me that listening to my show makes him forget his pain. That's the ultimate compliment. Listeners don't know how to take me at first, but I think they know I'm accessible. I open the phone lines up to allow you to disagree with me, to dog me, whatever. Most shows just let you call to get a T-shirt.

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