Put your records on...and take your panties off!I just happened to sneak away to cut on "Ellen" this morning, and her guest was Corrine Bailey Rae. It's something about Corrine...That just...Makes me want to have rough sex.

Actually, I know exactly what it is. It's her voice. She's cute, but that accent drives me crazy. It makes me wonder what it would be like to have her talk dirty to me. I can't even listen to "Just Like A Star" anymore without thinking about tying Corrine up to a headboard and pleasuring her all night long. Is something wrong with me?

Downtown Julie Brown, from back when MTV actually showed music I can't help it. Black women with British accents have always turned me on for some reason. I call it, "Downtown Julie Brown Syndrome." While Downtown Julie Brown of MTV fame could get annoying at times, she had a little sex appeal, mainly thanks to the accent. I'm using her to label my British accent fetish mainly because her name sounds so damned catchy.

This all actually started when Naomi Campbell rose to prominence in the modeling game. She still turns me on...with her crazy self. I'd straighten her out real quick.Naomi Campbell and her sexy, ill-tempered self I'm not a woman beater, but if Naomi ever threw a cell phone at me, I'd put her in a WWE submission hold, just to let her know that even though I wouldn't smack her around, if it if it ever got down to the get-down, I could do it! So if you ever see Naomi Cambbell in a neck brace, that means she tried to manhandle me and I had to go Ted DiBiase on her and put her in a Million Dollar Dream sleeper hold. Then again, if that ever happened, I'd have someone videotape me putting a dollar bill in her mouth afterwards, saying "Everybody's got a price" like The Million Dollar Man used to back in the WWF days. Then I'd wake her up and we'd probably have makeup sex while still on camera.

My new crush, Naamua DelaneyCurrently, the woman whose accent makes me want to propose to her is Naamua Delaney, co-host of NBC's iVillage Live. That woman is just flat-out beautiful in my opinion. The photo does not even begin to do her justice compared to seeing her on the actual show. So tomorrow, call in sick to work and tune in to NBC around noon so that you can catch her and see what I'm talking about. Seriously, as a member of the international media, I recently nominated her parents for a Nobel Prize for their Outstanding Contribution to World Sexiness.

*Edit* I cannot believe I left this woman off of the list, because she definitely deserves to be one of the first names mentioned: Sharon Carpenter from BET. The news was never a turn on for me, until Sharon started reading it! This link will take you to a photo of her, but keep your distance, cause I saw her first, damn it! Not only is the woman gorgeous, but she's a sweetheart. I used that wonderful social networking/entertainment/stalker site we all know and love called Myspace to get in touch with her and let her know that I'm adding to the list, and to apologize for my sin of omission. Hopefully she'll reward me with a night out on the town one day. Or $200(only if she doesn't want to go out with me and would rather pay me to leave her alone instead). Whatever floats her considerably beautiful boat.

There it is. You now know one of my weaknesses. I like a lot of accents, though. Country ones, DC/MD area ones, New York ones, Puerto Rican ones, Carribean ones(depending on how strong), and many others. It really depends on the woman. Hopefully, some of you all can relate to me on this. Let me know what type of accents you all like in the comments section.