A minister's dauther gyrating to Top 10 jams? Clearly Drew Sidora didn't see Footloose. Still, banning this triple threat (she's also shopping a Ne-Yo-assisted album) from doing the Shoulder Lean would be pure evil. Perspiring more than a Tom Cruise publicist while she filmed the lseeper hit Step Up, the 21-uear-old Chicago native, once dubbed the Chi-Town Princess, is now being sweated by Hollywood. With roles in Never Die Alone, White Chicks, and the television show That's So Raven already on the resume, Sidora will next star Wild Hogs featuring Martin Lawrence and John Travolta. Maybe she can get Travolta looking more Fred Astaire than Patrick Swayze.

KING: You've had a lot of squeaky-clean roles, but there's nothing wholesome about these photos. Which is the real you?

Drew Sidora: We did the photos in a way that represents me. I've played a lot of high-school girls in my career, so actually my video with Sean Paul ["Give It Up To Me"] was the first time I was able to be sexier and show that side of me.

You did look good in that, but your mom is a minister. She must have wanted to smite someone.

She said she wished it was her in the video! I'm a dancer, and that's what dancers do. We know how to have fun and entertain. I'm not ever gonna degrade myself, and I don't do things I'd be ashamed of, but there's nothing wrong with being sexy. That's part of all women. We love to wear heels and feel good and get the guy's attention. That's for sure.

Is that what you did when you turned 21 earlier this year? Go to the club and get guys' attention?

We had fun! My sister was out here, we went out. I got to use my ID - we made the most of it. But it was nothing crazy. I can only drink a glass of champagne and then I'm good. You won't find me you know, lying facedown in a bush.

No Tara Reid stumbling down Sunset Blvd. experiences for you, huh? They must give you the royal treatment at the club.

No way. I'm never that girl. I've always been the one who would stand in line and 60 people in front of me would get in and then when I get up there they tell me to stop. Once I was at a [That's So Raven] party and my 10-year-old nephew got in before me!

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