Mobb Deep, Havoc, The Infamous

Havoc was recently on Hot97 and made some off the cuff remarks about T.I. and the South for basically maintaining a stranglehold over radio...

a.) I understand the whole relationship between radio spins & $$$. But who really listens to radio, thinking that they're hearing what's hot to actual fans?

b.) Hav, your QB bredden Nas summed it up best. Nobody's controlling radio except Clear Channel. Take aim @ them.

c.) Given T.I.'s recent lack of conflict resolution skills, is he really the one you want to call out?

d.) And wouldn't an actual physical battle between these two dudes be the equivalent of a boxing undercard match?

d.) Tru Life. No one will ever let these dudes live down that whole episode.

e.) Havoc's solo album The Kush in stores on 9-18-07 by Nature Sounds Records. But note to Hav, it ain't working for 50 so you may want to dead the "beef sells" marketing strategy.

Portions of the Audio - Part 1 Part 2