To the dismay of boob-tubers everywhere, your time as a video honey has come to an end. What gives?
I'm so much more than eye candy. I want to be admired for what I accomplish, not just my body. I don't like guys looking at me like I'm some science project. When they stare at me, it's pretty obvious that they're just undressing me with their eyes. If that works for them, cool. But that's the closest they'll ever get to seeing the goods. You can't knock dreamers.

Have any wet-dreamers ever pushed for reality?
One time on the subway, I had this guy ask me…no, not ask—literally beg me to let him suck my toes. This guy spotted me and was like, "Oh my God! You're that shorty from the Bobby Valentino video!” But the whole time, his face didn't come up from looking at my feet. He kept telling me how beautiful my feet are and kept begging to suck on them. I was pretty freaked out.

That's nothing. One night on the 6 train, I had this midget prostitute…Wait, did I say that out loud?
I'm pretty used to guys being extra. I was the girl back in 8th Grade who had her math teacher flirting with her, trying to get with her. That really happened, by the way. It's not something I like remembering, though.—Matt Barone