Age: 25

Height: 5'9”

Weight: 120

Profession: Student

Relationship status: Single

Measurements: 32D-26-38

Favorite Sport: Boxing

Favorite Movie: A Thin Line Between Love And Hate

Favorite Artist:
Lil' Wayne and Diddy

Favorite Food: Cheese Burgers!

Astrological sign: Taurus

What's your favorite body part and why? My legs because they separate me. You can't just go out and buy long legs, either you have them or you don't.

McDonald's or Burger King? Burger King!

Sleep or sex? Sex

Tell us a funny, but dirty joke?
What are the three wonders of women? They produce milk without grazing, Bleed for seven days a month without dying and bury a bone deeper than a dog without getting their nose dirty.

The person I would most like to meet is…

Can you cook? If you can what's your specialty? If not, why?
Yes! Mac and Cheese, pancakes and sweet potato pies (mine are the best).

What were you doing five minutes before this interview?
In French Class

If you had to sleep with one woman who would it be?
Salma Hayek

How old were you when you had your first kiss? Thirteen

When did you know you could be a model?
When Playboy flew me out! I was like most other chicks that said "I'd only do nude for Playboy,” but unlike most, I actually got the call back and plane ticket!

Can we buy you a drink and if so, what kind?
I drink coolers—I only like light drinks.

Ever had a one-night stand?

Do you own any adult videos? Nope

Have you ever told a lie? Of course!

If I ruled the world, I would…
Get our troops out of Iraq

Doing this will get you cut…
Disrespecting me.

Lights on or lights off?

The biggest misconception about me is…
I'm mean. Sometimes I'm just quiet and folks take it for evilness.

Tell us something your parents don't know about you…
I used to sneak out the window to hang out when I was a kid.

Preferred type of underwear:
The cotton comfortable ones.

What is the most creative thing a guy has said or done to approach you?
In the jungle of all the corny lies and fronts guys put up, one guy just came up to me 100% real. He said what he wanted to do and what he brought to the table. It was interesting. No flash, no fast talk, no begging, just real talk.

If you don't have a lot of money, you better have…
Some type of path to eventually become successful. The future is more important than anything else.

What's your fetish? Shoes and purses! I can't stop—I order them off the TV, internet, anywhere…I need help [laughs]! [Ed Note: Please excuse Erika's misinterpretation of the word "fetish." She probably knows what we meant and must be playing with us.]