As far as a comeback song is concerned, this is actually sort of ideal; an exceedingly great Jack White sample (from The White Stripes) paired with Eve in almost rare form on "Fire” - her apparent return from a strangely blank discography in the last few years. Comeback songs usually end up being crass spectacles of reduced talent or a bunch of disturbing hoopla but this song is not even close, frankly, it's way better. The song works because it fronts on being a comeback, it's a genuine yearning (and relief) to rap again. However, bad news travels too fast on this track: Eve has no reason to rap except to rap, "don't act like y'all don't know ‘bout me / I know you heard about me”. Regardless, if it's a comeback or merely just a timer for when the album is coming, believe that she is really back, on the mic, in the flesh – and in our face - Rodney Dugue
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