Foxy Brown may have suffered from a hearing loss this past year, but it's painfully obvious the one-time fierce femme fatale of rap has other more troubling issues at hand, an anorexic interest in hip hop, for one. She couldn't give more evidence of being even slightly annoyed, let alone concerned at her detached, deadpan flow on "Up Jumps the Boogie”. She's insulated in a dense hauteur of auto-satisfaction listlessly offering, "bitches, Ima show you how to party for real/if a bitch bump you tonight/tell her to chill”. There's ton of whiplash action, just not any legitimate cause; the steroid flow tries to hard to imitate her obvious male influences. The feminism movement in hip hop is extinct to Foxy handling "bitches” like she isn't one of them, "bitches mad at me cuz I wont get on a song with them”. The wheezing flutes mixed with fat slobs of snyth die a few times along the barely 2 minute song. It's no help, actually. Foxy needs to start trying to be Foxy and not some huffed up, testosterone, wannabee gangster rapper. Until then, she can't hang with the boys of hip hop – Rodney Dugue

Foxy Brown - "Up Jumps The Boogie"