Matt Marcus
Major League Entertainment
When you name your record label Major League, you had better be ready to ball. For Matt Marcus, 26, running with the big boys was never a question. "I'm an obsessive sports fan, and the fact is that there is a real synergy between music and sports. If you can match two of your passions you can really expand.”

Matt Ting and Kenshin Ichikawa
When Matt Ting and Kenshin Ichikawa founded the upstart urban fashion line, MATO, last year, they didn't realize that in Japanese the term meant "on target” or "bull's-eye.” Yet for the bold young label now riding the powerful response of its first season, that definition is as on-mark as the company's mission statement: "Now and forever: though styles change, true style is eternal.”

Dylan Lauren
Dylan's Candy Bar
Last fall, a candy shop opened in upper Manhattan. Actually, for Ralph Lauren's daughter Dylan and co-founding partner Jeff Rubin, they'd have you call it a "bar.” The distinction comes from the fact that as much as kids find this place captivating, it's adult who are the most smitten. "On Friday and Saturday night we stay open ‘til mid-night and the average age of the people is over 50. They don't want to leave,”