How does a man get your attention? Win Freestyle Friday rocking a Big Pun T-shirt?
Bring me some food! Some arroz con pollo, please! I haven't had any real Spanish food since I've been to New York. And don't talk to me about music. Don't bring me your demo asking me to holla at Kevin Liles for you. Just be cool and humble.

Let's gauge your taste. Who's most likely to best your Top 10: Kobe Bryant, Boris Kodjoe or Method Man?
I'd have to combine people. I like swagger, confidence, like Diddy. But then the looks, between Kanye West and LL Cool J's complexion, and have an accent like Akon, and a little taller than me. That's my bionic man.

You had a really bionic moment on an early episode with the Dipset Capo…
When Jim Jones bench pressed me, it was hilarious. I was like, "Please don't drop me.” He's yelling at me "Sing the chorus!” I'm like, "Baaallin'…and I'm gonna be faaallin'!” When we had the work-out episode with LL Cool J, he wanted to spot me for sit-ups. So basically, I had LL holding my ankles and in the back of my mind I've got the "Doin' It” video in my head. I don't care what female was in this situation—they're thinking the same thing. Then he wanna go lick his lips. No disrespect to his wife, but geez! I was blushing red. I couldn't control my smile.

Yikes, save it for Essence—this one's for the fellas. Moving on. You also have a soft spot for the needy. The R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. Foundation has been very busy.
We're pushing the first-day initiative in New Orleans high schools. I just went to New Orleans two weeks ago to speak to my high school, and I saw teachers who were there when I was there that touched me. We're trying to tell people to come back home and rebuild. A lot of those kids are standing up in class and don't have books, but the spirit those kids have, you forget to be sad for them.