Got Gas?

Some people have it daily, but it's not the kind you can put in your gas tank. With my career, I travel quite a bit. Each place I travel to naturally has differences, but the one thing that's consistent is the high cost of gas. As the price of gas continues to rise, it's impacting not only transportation, but just about everything across the board. Everyone seems to be scrambling for an answer, but we have yet to find the correct one. Seriously, when you're paying $50 to fill up a Mazda Miata, that's a problem. I'm starting to hear more and more people talk about riding their bikes to work, school, you name it. I haven't ridden a bike in years, but they say like tying your shoes, it's one of those things that you never forget. A lot of people have opted to take public transportation; however, as the gas prices continue to rise so will the cost of local metros and buses. For those of you in the DC Metro area, a trip from Mo. County down to the Metrocenter once cost $2.50; now it's close to $5.00, and that's just one-way. I swear, gas stations have a price changer on stand-by—every time I pass the gas station down the street from my house it's a different price. I wish I could go back in time and actually experience how people lived before the need for gas existed, or even the gas crisis during the early 70's. The way things are going I just may get my wish.


If age is just a number, then mine is unlisted…

Well, actually, no thanks to a certain person (Love you, Sean Malcolm! LOL), as I turned 28 last week (OK, 34, but 28 sounds not too young, but just old enough, LOL). Really, I embrace my age and I'm thankful to be seeing another year. 40 truly is the new 30. I was so inspired when I saw the latest issue of KING (can we have some virtual applause for cover girl Stacey Dash?!). Wow, I thought. She looks amazing! It's funny because it used to be only women who were concerned about their age. They'd go through all different types of products to find the "fountain of youth.” Now, I see men jumping on the bandwagon. The one thing you can't stop is age progression until the good Lord is ready to stop it. In the meantime, that "fountain of youth” translates to taking care of your body--it's really the only place you have to live. Sure, you can surgically alter all you want, but eventually it will catch up to you like _______ (you can insert quite a few well-known names in that space; we've all seen the results).  Stress is another well-known cause of aging beyond your years. I know it's hard not to stress out, I'm guilty of it myself. But when you feel stress start to build up (the rise in gas costs is definitely a contributor), try to pause and remember the people, places or things that make you smile. Even if just for moment this will give you some type of peace.

"The only thing I cannot survive is death; everything else is manageable” -Anonymous