Do1. Crush ants with your hydraulic suspension. Flip switches to alter ride height of all four wheels separately, with pumps in your trunk. A battery setup will make it bounce.
2. Chrome whatever is metal. Candy paint should be glistening, and find a pinstriper with a steady hand to shout-out homies with airbrushed murals.


1. Cruise the boulevard without other low-lows. This is a thriving culture that's been around for half a century. Respect it.
2. Forget to hop and dip: a low-low that can't is like hip-hop without the kickdrum. Lowriders are judged by their motion in the ocean—not rim size.

Botching work on WWE champion John Cena's custom lowriders would be about as wise as riding shotgun with DMX. Cena takes his lowriders really, really seriously. Lucky for customizers everywhere, though, he keeps his F-U's in the ring. The proud owner of a '62 Impala convertible and '63 SS, the 27-year-old Massachusetts native sends his beloved low-lows to JG Customz, his Salem-based autoshop of choice. "My custom guy's work is meticulous,” informs Cena, who recently released a backpacker-friendly rap debut (You Can't See Me), shot his first feature film (The Marine) and is part of the upcoming Wrestlemania XXII. "The [frame-up] '62 was a present to myself for winning the title [the first time].” n A lifelong lover of low-lows, Cena served KING with his philosophy on pavement huggers. Of course, we co-signed each statement…in exchange for WWE divas' digits.

KING: The mean streets of New England don't exactly seem like lowrider central. What initially made you want to get low?
John Cena: As an impressionable teenager, that whole West Coast gangsta era got me into the lowrider game. I didn't have two dimes to rub together, I just loved it.

So you were checking out the whips instead of those round-the-way women in "Nuthin' But A ‘G' Thang”?

The fact that the cars would slam and go up on three wheels, it took me by total surprise. I never expected anything like that. I was always just a muscle-car head; go as fast as you can on the drag strip. Then I saw [lowriders] and had to have one.