mistahfabroyc.jpgThe ongoing saga between Bay Area rapper Mistah FAB and Detroit's Royce Da 5'9 is arguably the most genuine beef in hip-hop right now. Both men don't have enough of a following to beef-for-publicity, the point of contention stems from a real rap battle where they both shared the stage, and they both clearly sound like they've done their research on each other. Oh, and the hate from one another seems to grow with each diss.

For those heads who genuinely do care (we see you Oakland and Detroit rap stans!) about the outcome, KING-MAG.com is breaking down the battle up to it's latest point. It's hardly over between these two, but, like Larry Lederman, we're going to give you the recap as the battle goes on between Fab and Royce.

Mistah Fab and Royce Da 5'9 battle at S.O.B.'s in New York City
This YouTube clip shows FAB was the clear winner of the freestyle battle between he and Royce. Roll the tape!

Royce Da 5'9 - "Blue Magic" Freestyle
It's clear Royce saw the video differently, listen for the jab he takes at Mistah FAB in this clip.

Mistah FAB - Royce Diss (Untitled)
FAB responds to the line with a haymaker of a diss track, even mentioning the names of the deceased.

Royce Da 5'9 - "Who Got Bodied"
Royce comes out of his corner and he's going for the knockout with a record that comes in at over seven minutes.
"Who Got Bodied" (Part 1)

"Who Got Bodied" (Part 2)

Mistah Fab - "CIA"
And here is where things have left off. FAB's responds to "Who Got Bodied" with a whopping 12-minute track.
C.I.A. (Part 1)

C.I.A. (Part 2)

C.I.A. (Part 3)

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