is giving you the rundown on the latest rap soap operas airing on an Internet video near you. Here's a rundown of one of the most high-profile sagas:

50 Cent versus Cam'Ron

Episode 1 - "Funeral Music": By now, most people are familiar with the infamous Hot97 phone conversation between Queens' 50 Cent and Uptown's own Cam'Ron. Alas, 50 Cent feels he's king and does not like it when those he sees as peasants throw rocks at the throne, so, in this Internet exclusive, 50 Cent addresses the Diplomats leader.

Episode 2 - "Curtis!": Cam'Ron's reply.

Episode 3 - "Hold On", guest starring Young Buck: 50 Cent recruits some extra muscle appearing along side Young Buck. The self-proclaimed "clean up man" let's 50 Cent address Cam'Ron once again, near the end of this video.

Episode 4 - "Curtis Pt. 2": Part music video, part In Living Color-like sketch, Cam'Ron's rebuttal to 50 Cent. Brilliant!

Episode 5 - "The Interview":G-Unit representative, DJ Whoo Kid appears alongside Diplomats soldier Juelz Santana on BET's Rap City to clear the air between both their camps.

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