Kanye West - "Can't Tell Me Nothing" and Common - "Misunderstood"

Chi-town's always had dynamic duos and it's becoming apparent that these two have "it,"...that chemistry, that vibe. I won't crown'em as MJ & Pip, but I do see alot of Rodman (eccentric flamboyance) and Craig Hodges (Lonnie said it himself - "pro-Black like Craig Hodges"). A few sure things...

- 'Ye is cementing his legacy on both the mic and the boards. Watching him wrestle with the devil in his lyrics and bare his soul & thoughts is theraputic for us as listeners as well.

- "Finding Forever" and "Graduation" can't arrive soon enough.

- Nina Simone never sounded so at home over a hip-hop track & now maybe she will be understood by a whole new generation of listeners.

Muhsinah - "Construction"

You can bullshit with rap if you want © Beans.

The homie ("Get Back in '07") sent me the colorful video first and the song stuck in my head forever more. The track is full of energy & harmonizing over the breakbeat as shorty's voice plays the roll of another instrument within the track.

Huey feat. T-Pain & Bow Wow - "Pop, Lock & Drop It" (Remix)

We must accept our fate because part of life is acceptance of those things that simply are.

1994 is over a decade into the past. And the post Y2K era when Bad Boy, No Limit & Cash Money made club songs that were actually versatile enough to listen to in the car...long gone.

You'll also have to get past the fact that Bow Wow and Huey appear on the track.

But iswaarefogod...T-Pain aka "Teddy Pend-her-ass-down" shits all over this track with the synthesized vocals & catchy lyrics. And our current situation is that the boy straight up has a Midas spit that owns the airwaves & almost guarantees a hit. Accept it...and when it comes on the radio or in the club, move something.

Joell Ortiz - "125 Part 2 (Fresh Air)"

We've been riding for Joell for a minute now ("2007 Draft Picks"). But if you haven't taken a stroll thru Brooklyn with Joell yet, do so now.


Two older tracks but still steady in the rotation and worth your three minutes and change...

Murs - "L.A."

"I'm from L dot A dot Californ-I-A hot...Where you never have to wear your triple goose on Christmas"

All I can see is palm trees, silicone breasts, warm sun, Dickies and 64's...and I love it. Peep the video here.

50 Cent - "The Ski Mask Way (Produced By Disco D)"

I'm making a strong assumption that Disco D (God bless the dead) had dark thoughts in his mind, and prolly other musings we'll never wrap our brains around nor know. All I do know is when I listen to this track is 1.) I wish he was still here 2.) this beat is than NO gumbo and 3.) he managed to bring a hunger out of Curtis that's always a blessing to hear.


They're lamenting the woes of MCs and the professional basketball team of New York, reminiscing on Camp Lo and Juvie while waiting on Joe Budden and documenting rise of the hip-hop sex tape over @ The Smoking Section. Feel free to join the fray.

Respect Our Fresh.