Government Nevaeh Crawford
Love Handle Krazy
What's in a Name? "When I went up to him and sang, he called me Krazy. I asked him why he called me that and he said he was crazy about me from the time he met me.”

Government London Charles
Love Handle Deelishis (pronounced Delicious)
What's in a Name? "Flav assumed I was that deal, so he put it all together and said the deel-is-his.”

Government Maria Dunbar
Love Handle Spunkee
What's in a Name? "I told everyone that as soon as I see Flav I'm gonna jump on his back. I could have some low-rider jeans, with some cute little underwear with a tank top on. He kind of crushed that and said ‘Nah girl, you gonna hurt my back.'”

Government Shahira "Shay” Johnson
Love Handle Buckeey
What's in a Name? "He named me Buckeey because he says I'm buckwild with my attitude, body and so forth.”

Government Britnay Morano
Love Handle Tiger
What's in a Name? "I'm an exotic-animal trainer. I use to train safari animals, like mountain lions, jaguars and zebras.”

Government Larissa Hodge
Love Handle Bootz
What's in a Name? "Flav says he wants to knock the Bootz.”

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