branson_spend.jpgThe name Branson is synonomous with quality in hip-hop circles. From Notorious B.I.G. to Diddy, any rapper worth his chain would drop the Branson name in a rhyme. After all, this is the man who, by all accounts, introduced the hip-hop world to Cristal, which is why Branson's latest hustle makes perfect sense.
Teaming up with the French grower, Guy Charlemagne, Branson introduces his own line of champagne, Guy Charlemagne selected by Branson B. With a selection of three types available on the market (Blanc de Blanc/Brut Reserve; Brute Rose; a special 2000 Vintage), and not one of them priced over $65, ballers on a budget will be able to get a taste of the high life and not break their pockets in the process. It's not the gold bottle, but it is Branson, and with his signature initial plastered on the front of the label, true heads will know the quality you're sipping on.