A "token issued for prompt Service" is commonly know as a tip, and according to Wikipedia, it originates from the 16th Century, then meaning "to give unexpectedly” (quick history lesson for y'all, LOL). For my two jobs (gotta have a side hustle with the way this economy is going), I travel quite a bit and come into contact with a lot of people in the service industry, from cab drivers to waiters. Sometimes the service is great, but lately I've had terrible experiences. I'm all about giving a tip (Yes, I'm a black woman and I tip. It annoys me when people say black people don't tip), but I find myself tipping the person even when the service is not so great because I understand a lot of them make their living off tips. Honestly, when the service is horrible, it's hard to add additional money on top of my bill for service when basically none was received. In some cities like Miami, the tip is already included in the majority of the restaurants; so they could care less what type of service they give you. In the majority of hotels and other places a "service charge” is already included. But is this really fair to the consumer?

Last year I went to Indianapolis (My Myspace peeps have heard this story before). The treatment I received at the hotel was awful (I have since received an apology letter, so not going to put them on blast). I walk in and the bellhops--who are usually pressed for tips--didn't offer to help me with bags. For those who know me, it's rare that I don't have a smile on my face, so I couldn't believe it. The service was horrible at the restaurants I went to. Maybe the whole city was having a bad day, who knows? Other than the taxi driver, I didn't give out a tip the whole time I was there, which is rare for me. I haven't been back to Indianapolis or the state of Indiana for the matter since (Love me some John Mellencamp though--don't act like y'all don't know who he is LOL).

Really people, what happened to customer service? Is it null and void? You can't even get a "Can I help you find anything?” when you go into a clothing store, probably because sales commission is non-existent. Some of the only people that give great service are from UPS (I swear they gotta have a cuteness requirement, I have yet to meet an ugly UPS delivery guy. Oh what Brown could do for me, LOL!). Threw myself off-track for a minute, but seriously, I know people in the service industry, I've been a part of it. If you choose to be in it, or even if you have to be a part of it, it's more beneficial to be helpful and have a smile on your face, even if you are dealing with some jerks. For my consumers out there, when you get great service, even if the service charge is included, it doesn't hurt to show your appreciation. Or, to go back to the beginning of the column, "to give unexpectedly.”

"The end result of kindness is that it draws people to you"
- Anita Roddick