If schoolgirls looked like this back in the day, we'd have adopted Catholicism for sure. In your eyes, what's the allure of those plaid skirts?
There's something hot about playing innocent, especially if you're not as innocent as you seem. The whole jailbait thing…

True, there's nothing sexier than handcuffs—in bed, of course. Would you dress this way in the bedroom?
I keep my man entertained. I'm not the girl who walks around in a sweat suit. I love dressing up; I love being sexy. One of my favorite things is, well, I don't like to clean house the normal way. I'll put on lingerie and heels and have fun with it.

French-maid style?
Yeah, I do it for myself as much as anyone else…

So you, like, do it, yourself? What, you've never seen The 40 Year Old Virgin? Nevermind. Who would be your ultimate leading man?
With men, it's gotta be about confidence. If you're making tons of money, whatever, that's cool, but I've got my own stuff going on. A man has to be confident and comfortable in what he has and in what he does, who's not trying to be something that he's not. There are so many guys in L.A. who turn me off, running around in their Seven jeans…

KING does not endorse men wearing women's jeans, either.
Yeah, I like my men to be men, to be hard. A little rough around the edges. I like them to know what they're talking about. It doesn't matter if you're street smart or book smart, if you can enlighten me and have intelligent conversation about books, films, the streets, whatever, then it's all good. I'm not trying to be with someone who plays games, just telling me what he thinks a girl wants to hear.

You said you like rougher guys. Let's gauge your tastes. Justin Timberlake—hot or not?
Not sexy. That sounds mean, but I like my men to be hard. I don't want my guy singing love songs in that little voice. I do respect him as an artist, though. He might not be rough enough for me, but he's cool. I see why girls like him.

You're more the 50 Cent type, huh?
God, yeah! 50 Cent is sexy. Whether or not I agree with what he says, or I agree with the beef he has or whatever, he's not afraid to come out and say what's on his mind. I respect that and that's how I intend to be in this industry. I'm not one of those girls who are going to keep everything politically correct all the time.—Andrew Bangs