Beer cans and syringes from six years ago, allegations of giving Mrs. Clemens HGH for a photo shoot, coupled with Clemens' lawyers calling this the "next Duke Lacrosse" case, make it unbearable.

When they testify before Congress on Wednesday, I fully expect soap opera fictional-pimp Victor Newman to come out and tell us that McNamee and Clemens are his illegitimate children.

That's what this whole thing is playing out as; A giant he-said, he-said soap opera that is going to prove absolutely nothing. Even if McNamee's evidence shows that Clemens' "DNA" is on the syringes -- what does that prove?

Evidence can be tainted if not preserved properly (especially over the course of six years) and McNamee is as shady a cat as Ben from LOST. But Clemens won't get off easy either. Does anyone with a shred of intelligence and objectivity believe that Clemens, who had his best seasons after he turned 35, didn't use some happy juice to stay current? I mean him and Timbaland might as well have been workout partners.

Finally, as with everything, this has serious racial overtones. I've heard announcers saying that "oh even if Clemens did use them, that really doesn't help your velocity and your ability to stay in the strike zone."

Excuse me, does it help Barry Bonds' hand-eye coordination? Bottom line is you can't have it both ways. The mainstream can't say that performance enhancing drugs did not help Roger Clemens, but they significantly assisted Barry Bonds. It's a classic example of the anti-establishment black man getting his for not being overly cooperative all these years.

If you want to discuss actual sport talk about Shaq to the Suns, talk about Memphis' unbeaten streak (the Tigers not the Grizzlies), talk about the upcoming NFL draft and free agency. Shoot, talk about the Daytona 500, but don't talk about these clowns.

Grown men prancing around saying the other is lying is not sport. It's akin to a Maury Povich paternity test episode.

Yep, it's true. Victor Newman is the father of Brian McNamee