On The Best Head He Ever Received: She lived in Atlanta and I never even had sex with her, just head—couldn't even have sex with her after that. Best head in the world. That girl was special. A black girl giving head like a white girl is a beast. Any girl I got with after her I told about her, just so they could step up their game [laughs]. I think that girl went to jail or something, but she was good.

On Who The Real Party King Is—Him or Diddy: Diddy ain't no competition. He wishes his parties were like mine. I throw real parties. He throws bourgeois parties. The only difference between him and me is that Diddy gets all the sponsors. Once I can convince Trojan to come out the woodwork and sponsor some of these Luke parties, then we'll be on a whole 'nother level. You would think Trojan would be my number-one sponsor, but they don't spend a quarter. I can't get Trojan to come out, so I gotta create my own condom.

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