Last night, the younger one and I were out strollin these mean streets of Cashville. I picked her up from my sister's house, after a full afternoon of them hangin' out together, and decided I needed something to eat.

Generally, when shorty gets in the car with me I do one of two things - either a.) switch the playlist to something more suitable than the usual music laced with cursing. Last week, it was Monica's The Makings Of Me disc (Did I ever mention that "A Dozen Roses" has some of the most cliche lyrics but it's still gettin repeat play for the sample & beat?).

Or, I do b.) and switch on the radio, usually the local R&B station but sometimes the more popular "urban" joint and happened to be the one I chose last nite.

On a Friday night @ 11 o'clock, apparently, this wasn't the move to make with your child in the car...or maybe it's like this all day & since I don't listen to the radio, I didn't know...(To Read The Rest, Click Here)