There’s trolling, and then there’s what 50 Cent does.

Over the last several years, 50 Cent has elevated the art of Instagram trolling to an art form. With a venomous sense of humor, an unrivaled petty streak and a lifestyle that affords him the time to put together elaborate IG jokes, Fif has created an extensive catalog of IG moments so audacious it’s honestly impressive.

Armed with a sense of recklessness and the power of the internet, 50 has no qualms about reaching into his petty utility belt to unload on rappers, miscellaneous celebrities or anyone else.

If you’ve been paying attention to the Queens, N.Y. rapper, who rocked a fake perm as the character Pimpin' Curly to take aim at Rick Ross in a web series he created 12 years ago, you know nothing is off limits. If a rapper is at the wrong end of losing a beef with an archenemy, 50 could be on their head—even if he had nothing to do with that beef. There’s really no limit to who he'll put on blast on his Instagram page.

Take for instance that time that Meek Mill was sending subliminal shots at 50 on his 4/4 EP back in 2016. Fif wasn't too fond of the lyrics and decided to fire back at the Philly rapper on IG. He shockingly told Meek in the social media post to get Nicki Minaj pregnant so he could at least get child support from her. Ouch.

Today, XXL takes a look at 15 of 50 Cent’s wildest moments on the ’Gram.

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