Take one shot at Nikki "Hoopz” Alexander, and you'll swear those Weird Science perverts came out of bargain-bin retirement. Even Flavor Flav couldn't fight the power. An eligible bachelorette on VH1'a boob-tube catfight Flavor of Love, Hoopz dunked most of her on-screen competition, becoming a finalist in Flav's quest for wifey. A tight package of perfection, the 23-year-old Detroit dime is a wet dream come true for any man's man: She's fond of sports (particularly roundball—she even played half a season in Italy) deft at cooking, and blessed with a 36-24-36 frame. "I think like a dude,” says the Italian-black beauty, "but I'm sexy as a mutha.” Do believe the hype.

KING: Let's be real—Flavor Flav is no heartthrob. Either love truly is blind, or you gave the best sightless performance since Jamie became Ray.
Nikki Alexander: [laughs] I really liked him! I knew from the time I met him that we'd be real close. His personality and genuine attitude were attractive from jump. He's a down-to-earth person, gets along with everyone and is sincere to the mug!

Defense does win games. Say you're recruiting men at the local court. Can a man's game abilities determine if he makes the, er, cut?
Hell yeah! If you can move on the court, I'm gonna wonder, "Damn, what else can you do with that body?” You can tell a lot about a person sexually through sports. Athletes that play all stiff may be good at their sport, but I bet they're boring as hell in the bedroom. If you're covering me with some intensity, the game may be cut short.